Soul Revolution Yoga + Cycling

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Class Etiquette & FAQ's

"We want to be part of your journey, and you of ours"

Our Etiquette

Arrive early to every class. All classes start on time!

Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne

Leave shoes in the lobby if practicing yoga.

For cycling class, please use the bench inside the cycling room to put on clean shoes.

Leave all personal belongings outside of the yoga room, including cell phones.

Please make sure any and all devices (smartwatches) are silenced and not a distraction to you or others.

Observe mindfulness in the yoga room, before, during and after class.

The Yoga room is a quiet meditative space. How you enter and leave the yoga room is part of your practice.

The lobby is a great place to connect and catch-up with others.

Cycling class offers a great upbeat atmosphere, but please refrain from chatting with your neighbors once class has started. It is distracting for you, other students and the instructor.

Make room for others. Everyone should feel welcome.

Stay in the room from start to finish. You can always rest quietly in child’s pose for yoga.

For cycling, feel free to turn the resistance down or take a break from pedaling.

If you need to leave a few minutes early, please let your instructor know so they know you are okay.

Then quietly gather your things and exit with as little distraction as possible.

We are happy to provide showers and locker room facilities for your use. They are available after class.

When the next class begins we lock the door for the safety and protection of all of our students.

806 Wacker Drive #130B | Dubuque, IA 52002