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Dubuque’s Premiere Fitness Studio

Soul Revolution combines all the benefits of yoga with the upbeat cardio boost of indoor cycling – all under one roof! We are a local, one-of-a-kind studio dedicated to building community, practicing balance, and discovering authenticity.

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Our Yoga + Cycling classes provide an opportunity to experience a variety of different skill levels and styles, with a progressive method of teaching intertwined with the importance of the simplest form.

We offer a variety of yoga classes and styles for you to achieve peace of mind and body.

Most yoga classes are accompanied by heat designed to let you stretch deeper, sweat and detoxify, burn fat more effectively by boosting metabolism, elevate the functioning of the central nervous system and decrease anxiety by relaxing the body.

The perfect combination for the body is with the addition of our indoor cycling classes (spin).  We offer classes designed to give you a chance to let it all out and reach your fitness desire.  Breathe with the beat and ride the rhythm in our cycling room with black light and pumped up music – it’s a party on the bikes – come join us!

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Classes Offered

Hatha classes are designed to stretch the entire body, improve breathing and quiet the mind. Through consistent practice you will enhance awareness, build strength and increase flexibility.

Poses are arranged in a variety of ways to bring balance, vitality, and a heightened knowledge of the pose to the practitioner (ultimately finding a deeper connection or that slight adjustment giving you the “ah-ha” moment).

You will roll up your mat feeling refreshed and renewed
Back to Basics
This class will offer a great introduction for the new yoga student, but also provide practicing yogis a chance to go back and concentrate on the fundamentals of each pose.

An understanding of the concept backing up is not backing down is apparent in these classes. Emphasis on the basic alignment is taught to both new and seasoned yogis, and allows the opportunity to find a less intense or more challenging version of the basic pose.
Go With the Flow
These classes are Vinyasa Flow styled classes connecting the breath with movement.

Vinyasa, defined breath-synchronized movement, is a series of poses linked and combined with a rhythm of inhalations and exhalations aimed to build heat in the body.

These classes are challenging and powerful. Expect to breathe, sweat and flow leaving you lighter and energized.
Yoga Shred
A cross-training combination of yoga andHITT (high intensity interval training). You’ll experience a full body, cardio workout, that takes vinyasa yoga as a starting point. Yoga Shred will improve core strength through flowing sequences and burn fat through high intensity cardio exercises.

Created by fitness and yoga expert Sadie Nardini, Yoga Shred will improve your balance and flexibility, define and sculpt muscles, burn calories and help detoxify the body. Conquer your day feeling strong and invigorate.
Sculpt + Strenghten
Yoga Sculpt is a class that incorporates hand weights and cardio bursts for a maximum calorie burning effect. You’ll recognize the traditional yoga poses in this class while using hand weights for an added new challenge.

Yoga Sculpt will tone your muscles, get your heart pumping, and your blood flowing.
Soul Yoga
Gentle yoga stretches. Deep relaxation. Opened joints. Find your balance – but no, we don’t mean on one foot. But rather, in your practice, in your life.

Allow yourself to unplug and recharge. Give in to allow this practice to calm the mind and soothe the nervous system.
Our certified instructor will bring the class together on the same road (floor), but you decide your own resistance level and your needs that day.

This low impact cardio boost will burn calories, build muscle tone and increase cardio endurance.
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